Meet the Family

hello, and welcome to my Henpecked House. My goal is for us to feel like family, because you always feel a little more comfortable with family right? So here is a little bit about me and mine! Growing up, I used to say that if my life were a sitcom it would be called Henpecked. So it fit when I decided to write a blog. My upbringing was out of the ordinary, but we can get to all that in time. The present is here now, and I'm going to run with it. So, meet the modern  Suzy Homemaker.  I am a highly educated, highly qualified, experienced, part time everything. I am a former Early Childhood Education teacher, and have studied fashion design, interior design, nutrition and foods, sewing, and most of all children! I had the opportunity to touch on each and every one of these topics while teaching, but then motherhood stepped in and I decided I needed to spend more time with my family. 
My poor husband is anything but Henpecked, although he and our son live in a house with four other women. He is the most amazing jack of all trades (any trade that does not involve creativity that is. He is amazing at math, science, building things, and just about anything manly, and the opposite of me). And gets a certain look in his eyes whenever I mention interest or hobby lobby, which tells me he is about to run to his boring man run office that would bore me to tears. 
We have a seven year old son named Jefferson, who thinks he runs the place. He is quite outspoken with his dry wit for such a young age. 

The sweet baby girl is Julianna. She is just now really starting to show her newfound sassy personality. She is a couch potato who loves to watch the chicka show while eating cookies and teasing our feisty little westie, Higgins.

Thank you for joining us in our family's journey

P.S.  I am famous for telling stories to help me make my point, this is why my blog is "The Henpecked House". I always have and always will live in Henpeck Land, and life can get a bit crazy around here!